Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Sperm Donor Does NOT Have a Restraining Order

The sperm donor of Skye does not have a restraining order in place prohibiting anyone from speaking about this case OR about Skye.  He had filed for one but the judge simply ordered against it since it is ILLEGAL for one to be granted. It would be unconstitutional because it would be taking away our first amendment right to FREE SPEECH.

Also be forwarned that this person goes around pretending to be numerous people. He especially likes to pretend be his "cousin". If you have been following Presley and her fight for her sister, you can plainly see that his name is never mentioned in any blogs, but he keeps playing the victim. It is plain and simple, he does not want this story in the public eye because then the world will know what exactly he is. Instead of getting help for his obvious destructive and life altering problems, he painstakenly stalks and harrassess a woman who is fighting for her sister's dear life. It's wretched that our society will protect this piece of crap and nothing to save a helpless little girl.

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