Monday, February 28, 2011

If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...

Presley & Skye before custody was WRONGFULLY taken away from Skye's loving mother. Presley & Skye loved to play together and have tea parties! Presley always told Skye "I love you all the way to the moon, all the way to the sun, all the way to the stars, and all the way back to you." Now Presley has to be supervised to see her own sister when she has DONE NO WRONG. She has been publicly speaking out about the abuse she endured at the hands of their "father"...and now the only way she can see her sister is in a cramped dirty room being supervised. Presley, Skye's mom, and Skye's brother are treated like criminals when they have done nothing but expose the truth and speak out about the injustice and abuse they have experienced. Since when is telling the truth a crime? They have missed holidays, birthdays, and milestones in Skye's life because the system feels it is more important to cover up their wrongdoings and tearing families apart before protecting innocent children . The injustice system of America has not only failed Skye, but has failed Presley and her family. She was a victim of child sexual abuse at the hands of her father, and the injustice system continues to abuse them everyday by not allowing them to see Skye.

Skye had a loving family. A mother, a father, a brother, and a sister who love Skye with their whole heart and soul. Skye was taken away from them for no reason and placed into the hands of her abuser 24/7. Not only was Skye a victim of abuse from her biological father, but a victim of abuse from the Family Court System. She won't grow up in a loving, healthy, happy home with her biological father she will continue to be abused and permanently scarred. HOW DOES ONE JUSTIFY THAT!?? WHY IS AMERICA ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN???
This little girl is being abused. This little girl has been FAILED by the INJUSTICE SYSTEM OF AMERICA. This little girl has been wrongfully removed from a loving and caring family. This little girls voice is being silenced by her abusers....her father and the courts.

Will you be her voice when those in power are doing everything they can to SILENCE the victims and HIDE the truth?! SOS! SAVE OUR SKYE!


  1. I know about this anguish only too well. Keep on talking.

  2. Sadly same happens all around the world my 3 daughters were given to their pedo father by Family Courts of Australia in January 2010, in his reasons for judgement the judge stated "the only evidence that the father sexualy abused the children consists of dissclosures of girls themselves and claims of their mother ( dissclosures were made to police, counselors, family court consultants, all was provided 2 court). For ages i thought my case was 1 off but few months ago i discovered it happens all around the world and its outrageous. I dont know whats wrong with this world and why the predators are the ones that are protected?