Sunday, April 1, 2012

Legal Threats

Shane has formally requested that all sites regarding abuse of Skye be taken down, all evidence that he is a child rapist be taken down, all photos of Skye be taken down. When I get a chance I will post the documents he sent in regards to his request. I, Presley Crowe, am the one who has been running the SOS (Save our Skye & Stamp Out Smith) blogs, FB pages, etc. Here is the email exchange between Shane and myself:

From: SOS Organization
To: shane [email redacted]
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2012 8:30 AM
Subject: Re: Demand for retraction and apology

I had requested that you take me off your emailing list. I am your daughter, Presley Crowe. You have known full well all along who has been behind the blog. If you continue to put this email in your personal conversations with Sue, minors counsel, etc. I will post it. I refuse to stop exposing what you have done to me and what you have done/are doing to Skye*. Our "justice" system has placed MY baby sister with you, our abuser, who has molested and emotionally abused us our entire life. Even when I refused to go visit you, you abused me with harrassing me at school, at home, calling me 20+times a day, emailing me after I requested you stop, etc. You continued to abuse me through our court system as well. I will not apologize for exposing corruption and evil. Read Ephesians 5:11. I REFUSE to allow you to continue to not only abuse me, but my sister, Sue, and my family. THIS CYCLE OF ABUSE WILL NOT CONTINUE.
Presley Crowe

On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 3:18 PM, shane [email redacted] wrote:

This email address was posted online as the contact for Susan. 
If it is you Presley, tell your numbnutz boyfriend I'm sending this to the DA as well.  Dumbass using you as a puppet too I see.  No matter what con he is trying to use you for, tell him that the damage is already done.  "You can't unring the bell" and "You can't put the toothpaste back into the tube"  comes to mind.   Did you read the grand jury indictment that was the cause for his arrest for sexually assaulting that boy including where he put his mouth?    Also, it doesn't take Kreskin to see what this idiot has up his sleeve. 

Real nice, quote scripture and then make death threats including a rap song.    Paranoid schitzophrenic Connie and now Dauben and his dumbass friends.  Hopefully you pay close attention to those latest charges your man is facing.  Everything is either a joke or drama to you, while in the meantime you continue to exploit your sister that your profess to care for so deeply.  People don't do this crap that your doing, especially to people that they are suppose to care for. 

I asked you to stop doing this because of the destruction you are causing for your sister and also for yourself.  Instead you want to feel like a celebrity and continue the lies to get attention.  What's next "Jerry Springer?" 

I already have a long list of assholes that I am going to sue.  He moved himself up to the top of the list, just ahead of your mother and Susan, by the bullshit you were peddling for attention.    Everything you are doing is harming your future.  If your mom would tell you the truth for once, you would stop.  I bet your mom never thought her lies and bullshit would become this.  I bet B*or "B*" and M* are so very proud of you.   You should post this to your "The World According to Presley" attention seeking blog so J* and L* can read it.   How many of your friends write stuff like that?  My guess is the only ones that do are your internet freakshow friends.

Why did you refuse the therapy/counseling with Dr. Phil?  I know about the offer and why you and your mom and Susan refused to take part in a complete investigation that would be done at no cost.  Take a polygraph and have your mom do one as well.  Susan already took one but she refused to release the results to the court.  Also, your claims that you have a copy of the polygraph I took is bullshit.  You need a release from me in order to obtain a copy.  Unless you got the one that Susan took and then tried to put my name in place of it.  25 pages?  Another lie.


From:                            SOS Organization <>;                           
To:                            shane [email redacted]                                                                                                   
Subject:                            Re: Demand for retraction and apology                           
Sent:                            Fri, Mar 30, 2012 9:32:54 PM                           

First of all, real mature Shane. Is that really how a "loving" father would speak to his daughter? The ONLY damage that has been done is what YOU have to done to me, to Skyler, to our mothers, and anyone involved who has supported us. Go ahead, send it to whoever. The Truth Stands Blog has NOTHING to do with J*. Your entire demeanor is proving to me that you are afraid of the truth coming out. I have already told you that if you continue to email me, I will post the emails.

What death threats are you talking about? First of all, I do have first amendment rights just like you do. I'm allowed to pray for lightning. You can't trample on my right to free speech. In case you need a brush up on our first amendment rights, here you go:  I've seen the blogs about Connie, Sue, and myself. I can't testify that I know 100% it's you. But I know about 99.99% of it was either based off info YOU fed the blogs admins or things that YOU posted. Are you aware they posted my PERSONAL ADDRESS on that blog for anyone who wanted to "deal with me"? I find it funny that right before we have a court date those blogs are now private and only for invited readers. Very interesting. Also, I've seen comments online where you or Wade talk about my mother and my grandmother. Who else has such a personal vendetta against those two other than you? Very interesting.

If I wanted to be a celebrity, I would be living in Hollywood trying to make it big as a country singer not posting online about teh sexual, physical, mental, emotional, and financial abuse you have put me through and my family through. I don't want attention, fame, publicity, or any of that. What I want is my baby sister to be safe. I want her to have a childhood unlike the one I had. I want her to grow up in a healthy, loving, safe environment. Skye told me herself, without being asked, without being coerced, what YOU were doing to her when she was THREE years old!!! She told me she didn't want to see you because you were mean. When I cut off communication with you, you CONSTANTLY HARRASSED me online. I have tons of emails from you after I requested you to STOP emailing me. You called my house phone, my cell phone, and my school numerous times. You pulled me out of class to talk to me about all the crap YOU have created in my life and my family's.

I blogged to vent myself. I never thought I would have had to go "anonymous" online to spare myself from my father cyberstalking me. The H*'s have read it, my family has read it, and thanks to you and your posse, more people have read it.I don't find it disgusting, I find it as a personal documentation of a period of struggle in my life. Why hide what I've done and what I've been through? You're pissed off about it because it shows how your abuse has affected other aspects of my life.

I didn't refuse Dr.Phil's counseling, I had already been in counseling. I have stated several times that I didn't go on the Dr. Phil Show for ME, I went on to help SKYE*. YOU contacted them before we even filmed the episode! You also contacted that slimy McLaughlin guy. Why would I want a biased investigator whose been brainwashed by you to investigate a case and further harm my sister and our family? I also was asked to go on a second episode, but they wanted it to be a "he said, she said" show with you on it. The only times I want to see you, are when I'm forced to in court or when you are on your way to prison. I have NEVER denied a polygraph, though that's a lie you and your posse like to spread around. Sue's refused to allow the courts to see the results of her polygraph? That I'm not aware of, so I can't comment either way. I never tried to get your polygraph, I would love a copy. I don't have anything other than the first page which is (as far as I know) all you have submitted to the courts.

Again, what lies has my mother told me? Every lie has come from YOU. You like to spread around that she had an abortion...also what has been posted on some comments online from either you or your posse.

I am praying for you healing and conversion, as well as the protection of my family and especially Skyler. I am praying that she will have an opportunity to grow up into the woman that Yahweh created her to be without your abuse and the affects of it to hinder her. I do not hate you, and I do not seek revenge upon you. All I ask for is truth and justice to prevail and my sister to be safe.

Presley Crowe
Ephesians 5:11

From: shane [email redacted]

Date: Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 4:54 PM
Subject: Re: Demand for retraction and apology
To: Sue** <>

Ask your mom about her boyfriend in [location redacted] that is from S* who she met in the guards.  He is still in the guards. 
I don't have a posse because I don't need one.  Subpoena those sights and find out who the people are. 
I doubt you are Presley.

Sent from Yahoo! Mail

*names have been edited to protect individuals
**Shane has this email in his account listed as Skye's mom Sue, and has continually tried to pin these sites on Sue, although he has known full well that I, Presley Crowe, his biological daughter. have been the one behind the sites.

Anyone with information or ideas to help save Skye is more than welcome to contact me at

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