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Control-Freak & His Minions

Here is an exchange between Shane (the pedophile) and Sue (the protective mother). It is in regards to Skye's past weekend visit with Sue. Skye had a virus on Friday, which in turn, spread to Sue. She was unable to drive the 40+ minutes it takes to go from her house to Amador County where exchanges are supposed to take place. Shane was given ample notice of the situation. Take a look at how he reacts...

From Shane:
I don't know what you are trying to pull but you know damn good and well that you are in court at 1PM in Placerville. I refuse to be set up to deal with any more of your crap. I am filing a report with the Jackson PD.

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From Sue:
As I informed you in the text message Skye* and I are both sick.  She had a virus on Friday which I probably caught.  I can't drive to Amador County.  I'm running a fever and feeling light headed and achy.  Skyler seemed much better yesterday but was up coughing all night last night.  I told you I can have her at Town Center in E** at around 1pm or 5:30pm or I can take her to school tomorrow (hopefully we will be feeling better).  The after hours clinic I took her to is the one in E**.  I think it's called Med 7.  When I'm feeling better I will send all information.  Your drama is taking time away from caring for Skye* and myself.  Please just stop being so controlling and abusive for one day and think about Skye*.  She is not feeling well and just needs rest and love.

From Shane:
As in my text message, I do not know when you are bringing Skye* today.  I have notified the Sutter Creek Elementary that you will be coming by to drop her off at the office.  TIf you don't have a time for when I can pick Skye* up from the school, they will contact me after you leave. 

You stated Skye* was feeling better today.  You were aware that you had a court hearing in Placerville with Jay this afternoon regarding child support.  You should have brought Skye* this morning to the school to avoid any turmoil for Skye*. If she was unable to attend, I would have taken her home...just as I had asked you to pick Skye* up from school early on Friday because she wasn't feeling well during the day.  The court order clearly states that the exchanges will take place at the Jackson PD or at the school. Failure to exchange at one of these locations is a violation of the court's order.

Your text indicated that Skye* was taken to an after-hours clinic during the weekend.  Please provide me the name, location, address and phone number for the clinic.

*names and locations have been changed.

Shane had ample notification of the situation. He refused to look at what info was given to him and threatened legal action by filing a police report rather than find a solution for the problem at hand. It seems one of Shane's biggest stories in court is that Sue does not co-operate with him in co-parenting, email exchanges like this show me that it is HIM who is unwilling to co-operate and find a solution that is in the best interest of the child. If anyone has/can get a copy of that said police report please email me a copy at

This is an "anonymous" email and correspondence SOS received in February of 2011.

to me

hey honeybeeeeeeeee Susan.
Bring it ON babycakes.  You have no idea how many things I have on the go, how much money I have and what the hell I'm finding out.  You're so big? You're so powerful?  Email me back.  COME ON coward!  Lets go!
Love ya so much
This email was sent via,
the worlds leading <a href=>anonymous email</a> provider.

SOS 2/22/11
to DiannaICU

Who is this? I am not Susan. Threats are only proof that you are afraid of the TRUTH that is and will continue to be exposed.

to me

 No threats. Standing up against people who exploit a little girl online.
Not afraid in the least! It about damn time someone stood up against you psycho nuts.  Not Susan? I have a screenshot of her changing the facebook SOS site today.  SUSAN has full access to that page.
Not susan. Continue on as you are.  I'm not going away and I'm putting real money behind exposing all you bitches.  So careful who you talk to and what you do & say babe!  YOU WILL Be exposed & destroyed online YOU will NEVER enjoy a private life ever again!
No one is scared of a damn thing. What a fucking riot!  Can't wait to see you behind bars (in the works) and can't wait for visitation to be stopped forever too!  Too bad you pissed off someone with big money and nothing better to do than spread the truth! Court documents I posted andwill continue to add DO NOT LIE.  Susan lying bitch, even her lawyer says so!  enjoy your day.
oooo forgot, what haaaappened to SOS blog? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Damn lifes a bitch!

DiannaICU 2/22/11
to me

Thank you for the return email! The IP trace and log is appreciated in locating who you are and where you are!

The emails were sent from VistoMail. When I searched that email host, I was lead to where you can hide or scramble your IP address. Here is their list of what can be done with Anonymous Speech:
    to send warnings to other people
   protect your self from being subpoenaed
     catch a cheating spouse, husband or wife
     confess your love to somebody
     hide your private IP address or ISP info
   express your political standpoint anonymously
   receive instant read-receipts when recipient read your email
     initiate an anonymous forum discussion
     bypass your banned email address
     confirm suspicions regarding a friend or loved one
     anonymously report fraud
     anonymously inform the police about illegal activities
     perform checks as an employer or a potential employee
     create an asexual identity for an advice column
     anonymously report sensitive information to the media

The first being "send warnings to other people" sounds like a breeding ground for pedophiles and their "anonymous" minions. If you are dealing with our corrupt Family Courts and a pedophile, please beware of sights such as this.

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