Sunday, April 1, 2012

Legal Threats

Shane has formally requested that all sites regarding abuse of Skye be taken down, all evidence that he is a child rapist be taken down, all photos of Skye be taken down. When I get a chance I will post the documents he sent in regards to his request. I, Presley Crowe, am the one who has been running the SOS (Save our Skye & Stamp Out Smith) blogs, FB pages, etc. Here is the email exchange between Shane and myself:

From: SOS Organization
To: shane [email redacted]
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2012 8:30 AM
Subject: Re: Demand for retraction and apology

I had requested that you take me off your emailing list. I am your daughter, Presley Crowe. You have known full well all along who has been behind the blog. If you continue to put this email in your personal conversations with Sue, minors counsel, etc. I will post it. I refuse to stop exposing what you have done to me and what you have done/are doing to Skye*. Our "justice" system has placed MY baby sister with you, our abuser, who has molested and emotionally abused us our entire life. Even when I refused to go visit you, you abused me with harrassing me at school, at home, calling me 20+times a day, emailing me after I requested you stop, etc. You continued to abuse me through our court system as well. I will not apologize for exposing corruption and evil. Read Ephesians 5:11. I REFUSE to allow you to continue to not only abuse me, but my sister, Sue, and my family. THIS CYCLE OF ABUSE WILL NOT CONTINUE.
Presley Crowe

On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 3:18 PM, shane [email redacted] wrote:

This email address was posted online as the contact for Susan. 
If it is you Presley, tell your numbnutz boyfriend I'm sending this to the DA as well.  Dumbass using you as a puppet too I see.  No matter what con he is trying to use you for, tell him that the damage is already done.  "You can't unring the bell" and "You can't put the toothpaste back into the tube"  comes to mind.   Did you read the grand jury indictment that was the cause for his arrest for sexually assaulting that boy including where he put his mouth?    Also, it doesn't take Kreskin to see what this idiot has up his sleeve. 

Real nice, quote scripture and then make death threats including a rap song.    Paranoid schitzophrenic Connie and now Dauben and his dumbass friends.  Hopefully you pay close attention to those latest charges your man is facing.  Everything is either a joke or drama to you, while in the meantime you continue to exploit your sister that your profess to care for so deeply.  People don't do this crap that your doing, especially to people that they are suppose to care for. 

I asked you to stop doing this because of the destruction you are causing for your sister and also for yourself.  Instead you want to feel like a celebrity and continue the lies to get attention.  What's next "Jerry Springer?" 

I already have a long list of assholes that I am going to sue.  He moved himself up to the top of the list, just ahead of your mother and Susan, by the bullshit you were peddling for attention.    Everything you are doing is harming your future.  If your mom would tell you the truth for once, you would stop.  I bet your mom never thought her lies and bullshit would become this.  I bet B*or "B*" and M* are so very proud of you.   You should post this to your "The World According to Presley" attention seeking blog so J* and L* can read it.   How many of your friends write stuff like that?  My guess is the only ones that do are your internet freakshow friends.

Why did you refuse the therapy/counseling with Dr. Phil?  I know about the offer and why you and your mom and Susan refused to take part in a complete investigation that would be done at no cost.  Take a polygraph and have your mom do one as well.  Susan already took one but she refused to release the results to the court.  Also, your claims that you have a copy of the polygraph I took is bullshit.  You need a release from me in order to obtain a copy.  Unless you got the one that Susan took and then tried to put my name in place of it.  25 pages?  Another lie.


From:                            SOS Organization <>;                           
To:                            shane [email redacted]                                                                                                   
Subject:                            Re: Demand for retraction and apology                           
Sent:                            Fri, Mar 30, 2012 9:32:54 PM                           

First of all, real mature Shane. Is that really how a "loving" father would speak to his daughter? The ONLY damage that has been done is what YOU have to done to me, to Skyler, to our mothers, and anyone involved who has supported us. Go ahead, send it to whoever. The Truth Stands Blog has NOTHING to do with J*. Your entire demeanor is proving to me that you are afraid of the truth coming out. I have already told you that if you continue to email me, I will post the emails.

What death threats are you talking about? First of all, I do have first amendment rights just like you do. I'm allowed to pray for lightning. You can't trample on my right to free speech. In case you need a brush up on our first amendment rights, here you go:  I've seen the blogs about Connie, Sue, and myself. I can't testify that I know 100% it's you. But I know about 99.99% of it was either based off info YOU fed the blogs admins or things that YOU posted. Are you aware they posted my PERSONAL ADDRESS on that blog for anyone who wanted to "deal with me"? I find it funny that right before we have a court date those blogs are now private and only for invited readers. Very interesting. Also, I've seen comments online where you or Wade talk about my mother and my grandmother. Who else has such a personal vendetta against those two other than you? Very interesting.

If I wanted to be a celebrity, I would be living in Hollywood trying to make it big as a country singer not posting online about teh sexual, physical, mental, emotional, and financial abuse you have put me through and my family through. I don't want attention, fame, publicity, or any of that. What I want is my baby sister to be safe. I want her to have a childhood unlike the one I had. I want her to grow up in a healthy, loving, safe environment. Skye told me herself, without being asked, without being coerced, what YOU were doing to her when she was THREE years old!!! She told me she didn't want to see you because you were mean. When I cut off communication with you, you CONSTANTLY HARRASSED me online. I have tons of emails from you after I requested you to STOP emailing me. You called my house phone, my cell phone, and my school numerous times. You pulled me out of class to talk to me about all the crap YOU have created in my life and my family's.

I blogged to vent myself. I never thought I would have had to go "anonymous" online to spare myself from my father cyberstalking me. The H*'s have read it, my family has read it, and thanks to you and your posse, more people have read it.I don't find it disgusting, I find it as a personal documentation of a period of struggle in my life. Why hide what I've done and what I've been through? You're pissed off about it because it shows how your abuse has affected other aspects of my life.

I didn't refuse Dr.Phil's counseling, I had already been in counseling. I have stated several times that I didn't go on the Dr. Phil Show for ME, I went on to help SKYE*. YOU contacted them before we even filmed the episode! You also contacted that slimy McLaughlin guy. Why would I want a biased investigator whose been brainwashed by you to investigate a case and further harm my sister and our family? I also was asked to go on a second episode, but they wanted it to be a "he said, she said" show with you on it. The only times I want to see you, are when I'm forced to in court or when you are on your way to prison. I have NEVER denied a polygraph, though that's a lie you and your posse like to spread around. Sue's refused to allow the courts to see the results of her polygraph? That I'm not aware of, so I can't comment either way. I never tried to get your polygraph, I would love a copy. I don't have anything other than the first page which is (as far as I know) all you have submitted to the courts.

Again, what lies has my mother told me? Every lie has come from YOU. You like to spread around that she had an abortion...also what has been posted on some comments online from either you or your posse.

I am praying for you healing and conversion, as well as the protection of my family and especially Skyler. I am praying that she will have an opportunity to grow up into the woman that Yahweh created her to be without your abuse and the affects of it to hinder her. I do not hate you, and I do not seek revenge upon you. All I ask for is truth and justice to prevail and my sister to be safe.

Presley Crowe
Ephesians 5:11

From: shane [email redacted]

Date: Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 4:54 PM
Subject: Re: Demand for retraction and apology
To: Sue** <>

Ask your mom about her boyfriend in [location redacted] that is from S* who she met in the guards.  He is still in the guards. 
I don't have a posse because I don't need one.  Subpoena those sights and find out who the people are. 
I doubt you are Presley.

Sent from Yahoo! Mail

*names have been edited to protect individuals
**Shane has this email in his account listed as Skye's mom Sue, and has continually tried to pin these sites on Sue, although he has known full well that I, Presley Crowe, his biological daughter. have been the one behind the sites.

Anyone with information or ideas to help save Skye is more than welcome to contact me at

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Control-Freak & His Minions

Here is an exchange between Shane (the pedophile) and Sue (the protective mother). It is in regards to Skye's past weekend visit with Sue. Skye had a virus on Friday, which in turn, spread to Sue. She was unable to drive the 40+ minutes it takes to go from her house to Amador County where exchanges are supposed to take place. Shane was given ample notice of the situation. Take a look at how he reacts...

From Shane:
I don't know what you are trying to pull but you know damn good and well that you are in court at 1PM in Placerville. I refuse to be set up to deal with any more of your crap. I am filing a report with the Jackson PD.

Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android

From Sue:
As I informed you in the text message Skye* and I are both sick.  She had a virus on Friday which I probably caught.  I can't drive to Amador County.  I'm running a fever and feeling light headed and achy.  Skyler seemed much better yesterday but was up coughing all night last night.  I told you I can have her at Town Center in E** at around 1pm or 5:30pm or I can take her to school tomorrow (hopefully we will be feeling better).  The after hours clinic I took her to is the one in E**.  I think it's called Med 7.  When I'm feeling better I will send all information.  Your drama is taking time away from caring for Skye* and myself.  Please just stop being so controlling and abusive for one day and think about Skye*.  She is not feeling well and just needs rest and love.

From Shane:
As in my text message, I do not know when you are bringing Skye* today.  I have notified the Sutter Creek Elementary that you will be coming by to drop her off at the office.  TIf you don't have a time for when I can pick Skye* up from the school, they will contact me after you leave. 

You stated Skye* was feeling better today.  You were aware that you had a court hearing in Placerville with Jay this afternoon regarding child support.  You should have brought Skye* this morning to the school to avoid any turmoil for Skye*. If she was unable to attend, I would have taken her home...just as I had asked you to pick Skye* up from school early on Friday because she wasn't feeling well during the day.  The court order clearly states that the exchanges will take place at the Jackson PD or at the school. Failure to exchange at one of these locations is a violation of the court's order.

Your text indicated that Skye* was taken to an after-hours clinic during the weekend.  Please provide me the name, location, address and phone number for the clinic.

*names and locations have been changed.

Shane had ample notification of the situation. He refused to look at what info was given to him and threatened legal action by filing a police report rather than find a solution for the problem at hand. It seems one of Shane's biggest stories in court is that Sue does not co-operate with him in co-parenting, email exchanges like this show me that it is HIM who is unwilling to co-operate and find a solution that is in the best interest of the child. If anyone has/can get a copy of that said police report please email me a copy at

This is an "anonymous" email and correspondence SOS received in February of 2011.

to me

hey honeybeeeeeeeee Susan.
Bring it ON babycakes.  You have no idea how many things I have on the go, how much money I have and what the hell I'm finding out.  You're so big? You're so powerful?  Email me back.  COME ON coward!  Lets go!
Love ya so much
This email was sent via,
the worlds leading <a href=>anonymous email</a> provider.

SOS 2/22/11
to DiannaICU

Who is this? I am not Susan. Threats are only proof that you are afraid of the TRUTH that is and will continue to be exposed.

to me

 No threats. Standing up against people who exploit a little girl online.
Not afraid in the least! It about damn time someone stood up against you psycho nuts.  Not Susan? I have a screenshot of her changing the facebook SOS site today.  SUSAN has full access to that page.
Not susan. Continue on as you are.  I'm not going away and I'm putting real money behind exposing all you bitches.  So careful who you talk to and what you do & say babe!  YOU WILL Be exposed & destroyed online YOU will NEVER enjoy a private life ever again!
No one is scared of a damn thing. What a fucking riot!  Can't wait to see you behind bars (in the works) and can't wait for visitation to be stopped forever too!  Too bad you pissed off someone with big money and nothing better to do than spread the truth! Court documents I posted andwill continue to add DO NOT LIE.  Susan lying bitch, even her lawyer says so!  enjoy your day.
oooo forgot, what haaaappened to SOS blog? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Damn lifes a bitch!

DiannaICU 2/22/11
to me

Thank you for the return email! The IP trace and log is appreciated in locating who you are and where you are!

The emails were sent from VistoMail. When I searched that email host, I was lead to where you can hide or scramble your IP address. Here is their list of what can be done with Anonymous Speech:
    to send warnings to other people
   protect your self from being subpoenaed
     catch a cheating spouse, husband or wife
     confess your love to somebody
     hide your private IP address or ISP info
   express your political standpoint anonymously
   receive instant read-receipts when recipient read your email
     initiate an anonymous forum discussion
     bypass your banned email address
     confirm suspicions regarding a friend or loved one
     anonymously report fraud
     anonymously inform the police about illegal activities
     perform checks as an employer or a potential employee
     create an asexual identity for an advice column
     anonymously report sensitive information to the media

The first being "send warnings to other people" sounds like a breeding ground for pedophiles and their "anonymous" minions. If you are dealing with our corrupt Family Courts and a pedophile, please beware of sights such as this.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Minors Counsel Online Reviews

This is what people are saying online about the woman who was appointed by the Courts to PROTECT Skye...hmmm.

March 11, 2011 by Don't Do Abigail in Folsom, CA

February 04, 2011 by Protecting my rights in Shingle Springs, CA

December 26, 2010 by no name in El Dorado Hills, CA

August 31, 2010 by no name in Folsom, CA

February 03, 2009 by Anonymous

You can read the rest of the site at:

Please hope you are never ever assigned Ms. Roseman as a minor's council for your children in a custody or divorce matter. She is attached at the hip to several lawyers in EDC. She NEVER does any research, she doesn't listen, and she definitely does not have the children's best interests at heart. Abigail formulates and opinon, never changes it, and doesn't work to support the right approaches to allow children appropriate rights to both their parents. I have caught her in direct lies and she refuses to admit she is ever worng. Don't approve your lawyer accepting her as a minor's council for your kids.
if you want to lose your children forever go with this lawyer.she is the worst one yet..she lies, threatens and steals your children . she has no soul. she helps other eld county lawyers write false reports.she not trust this person with your life!!!!!! very very bad attorney!!
Abigail Roseman should be stopped, sued and disbarred from ever practicing law anywhere. She is absolutely evil and does not represent the childrens rights or even consideer them espeicially in cases involving guardianships or cps pursuant to the law. These children and families have been violated and stripped of thier consitutional and god given rights according to law.She should be stopped!!!
Abigail Roseman has to be the worst person to represent children. She doesn't care about safety of children. She doesn't look for peaceful resolutions. She is high conflict and creates more drama for your case than you'd ever imagine. Her actions seem vindictive. I almost think she was jealous of me (younger, prettier, etc.) because there's no reason for her to act the way she did. Wish I could go into more detail but this lady is a beast... If you can, stear clear of this somcalled attorney!!!!!!!!
This woman is horrible. She is exactly as others say - rotten, selfish, mean spirited, conflict raising, does whatever Ron Dosh says, and is purely out to stay up with the Judges and Lawyers in EL Do County. She will do anything, to get what her "friends" tell her they want. Don't let her work for you, don't pay this woman a dime, don't even allow let her get appointed...does she have her own clients or only Judge Appointed children she won't help?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

March for Judicial Reform 2011

The March for Judicial Reform was a huge success!! We had a wonderful panel of speakers...ranging from survivors to experts to court officials. We must continue to speak out and continue to fight against this horrible injustice that is victimizing our children everyday. Here are some snapshots of the event...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Our objective is to bring attention and media to expose all types of judicial corruption by marching on the state capitol here in Sacramento. The system is purposely putting children with abusers and child molesters for profit. Please come march and support our cause to grab media attention. Please share this event and bring your friends! BREAK THE SILENCE OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND SEXUAL ABUSE.
As many of you already know, Mother's of Lost Children and a few other organizations are marching at the Capitol in Washington D.C on Mother's Day, May 8, 2011 and on May 9, 2011. 
There are many moms here in California who would love to be there but, due to financial or other considerations, can't travel to Washington D.C. this May.  For this reason, a group of moms has decided to organize a march right here at our own CA State Capitol on May 9th.  Our mission is to bring attention to the issue of how our broken family and juvenile court systems are harming children all over our state.
So far, we are still in the planning stages but we have applied for a permit to assemble at the Capitol on May 9, 2011 from 10 am to 7 pm.  We would like to start of with a prayer and then march around the Capitol and maybe up to the appellate court.   Speaker Pro Tempore Fiona Ma has graciously agreed to speak at our event and her assistant has applied for a committee room from 3pm to 5pm that day.  We also sent a request to Assemblyman Jim Beall to speak regarding PAS and how it's use in family court harms children but haven't heard back regarding his availability.  We would also like to assemble a panel of experts: attorneys, investigators, child abuse experts, judges, domestic violence experts, psychologists, authors, etc.. to speak as well.  If you have contacts who may be willing to participate in our expert panel, please pass along their contact info.  We would also like to have a survivor's panel comprised of those of us who have survived or are currently surviving (somehow) abuse by a perpetrator of DV or child abuse AND abuse by the family or juvenile court system.  If you are a survivor and would like to participate and/or speak at our rally- Please contact me ASAP.  After the panels and speakers, I would like to have everyone assemble once again in front of the Capitol for a closing prayer and "candlelight vigil" or moment of silence.  I realize that in May, it won't really be dark enough for candlelight before 7 pm but it's the thought that counts.  Also, open flames are not allowed so we would have to use glow-sticks or battery operated devices anyway. 
We need lots of help to make this a huge success!
What we need right now:
  • Your thoughts and suggestions
  • A slogan
  • A flier
  • The support of our local non-profit organizations with anti domestic violence and anti child abuse agendas
  • Lots and lots of media attention
  • Experts for our panel
  • Survivors willing to participate in a panel and/or speak
  • Signs and banners
  • Survivors from each county and their supporters to join our march
Please contact me ASAP so that we can start to organize everything and make this a super event that will send a strong message to our lawmakers and the courts in our state!
Our goal is at least 1000 people!  Lets show our lawmakers and the public that this is a serious issue and a widespread problem!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Abuse Statistics

Abuse is much more common than we like to think...We all are affected by it in one way or another. We all know of someone who has been a victim of abuse, physical, sexual, mental, emotional, financial, or verbal.... Learn the signs and never be afraid to could save a child's life.

Children are suffering from a hidden epidemic of child abuse and neglect. Over 3 million reports of child abuse are made every year in the United States; however, those reports can include multiple children. In 2007, approximately 5.8 million children were involved in an estimated 3.2 million child abuse reports and allegations.

A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds.

Almost five children die everyday as a result of child abuse. More than three out of four are under the age of 4.

It is estimated that between 60-85% of child fatalities due to maltreatment are not recorded as such on death certificates.

90% of child sexual abuse victims know the perpetrator in some way; 68% are abused by family members.

Child abuse occurs at every socioeconomic level, across ethnic and cultural lines, within all religions and at all levels of education.

31% percent of women in prison in the United States were abused as children.

Over 60% of people in drug rehabilitation centers report being abused or neglected as a child.

About 30% of abused and neglected children will later abuse their own children, continuing the horrible cycle of abuse.

About 80% of 21 year old that were abused as children met criteria for at least one psychological disorder.

The estimated annual cost of child abuse and neglect in the United States for 2007 is $104 billion.

Abused children are 25% more likely to experience teen pregnancy.

Abused teens are 3 times less likely to practice safe sex, putting them at greater risk for STDs.

14% of all men in prison in the USA were abused as children

36% of all women in prison were abused as children

Children who experience child abuse & neglect are 59% more likely to be arrested as a juvenile, 28% more likely to be arrested as an adult, and 30% more likely to commit violent crime.

Abused children are 25% more likely to experience teen pregnancy

Abused teens are 3 times less likely to practice safe sex, putting them at greater risk for STDs

Children who have been sexually abused are 2.5 times more likely to abuse alcohol

Children who have been sexually abused are 3.8 times more likely develop drug addictions

Nearly two-thirds of the people in treatment for drug abuse reported being abused as children.

Visit to learn more.